Thursday, 30 March 2017

Achievement Unlocked: Backwards Crossovers/Cross Cuts!!

Hello everyone!

So my coach asked me to help her do some videos for Skate Canada so she can get her next coaching level. Since she has been so awesome I decided to help and I'm really really glad I did. We went through a few things I already know. All my edges and stroking techniques that I'm familiar with, although my forwards crosscuts done on each edge are a bit shaky. Ill practice those when I get the chance, but it was a lot of fun re-running through all of it so she could get some video. I feel like I'm improving, hopefully I don't lose TOO much over the course of the summer.

We also did some of my first attempts at jumping. Three-turn jumps, bunny hops and we did attempt a few jumps where you go from backwards crosscuts to a turn and then a jump. You end up backwards at the end of it. I don't remember the name and I probably explained that poorly. It was AWESOME though! I had a ton of fun and admittedly, I'm really not looking forwards to a pause on lessons for the summer. At least it opens up time for wedding planning!

My biggest achievement this time I think though was my backwards crossovers/cross cuts. Up until this session I've struggled to wrap my head around the concept of them and getting the footwork down. This time I totally managed to nail them! I managed to do them around a full circle and get the footwork down more. I also am working on figuring out where my arms go and how to counterbalance my movements. I was SO excited for this! I've tried it a few times at a few of the adult skates but I have yet to really nail them until now. Yay!

I really have to find out how to practice during the summer so I don't lose all of the knowledge I've gained. It's interesting, I've noticed with skating that the more I do it, the happier I am doing it. I keep getting driven and motivated to go back to it. I think over the summer I'm going to focus on skating where I can while getting into better shape for skating, as well as improving my gracefulness and body placement which are both things I can easily do off-ice.

I've got the skating carnival this Saturday I'm going to watch as well, a friends daughter is skating in it and it should be a lot of fun!

Anyways, that's about it for this entry!

Ciao for now!


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