Sunday, 26 March 2017

Skating Show: Preston, Ontario

Hello once again!

So as the skating season comes to an end in most places, so too comes the series of shows and carnivals that most clubs put on. I personally haven't got to put a skate down in any of them but I do have tickets to several, the first of which was last night at the Preston Figure Skating Club in Cambridge. My current skating coach was skating in it and I decided to go and see it and support her in doing so.

I'm really really glad I went. What an amazing show! It was all well thought out, put together and choreographed beautifully. It even had stuff you wouldn't typically expect in a skating show like kids on swings hanging from the ceiling and ice ramps that the skaters went down to make their entrances. It was AWESOME! It was also a touch bittersweet as well because it made me realize how much I'd love to be involved with something so awesome.

The hard work all the skaters put in was really showcased at the show. I had a lot of fun.

Just a quick entry!

Ciao for now!


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