Thursday, 8 June 2017

Skates and Slippers: Additional Lessons #5

Hello once again readers!

I do believe I've found a better working title for these entries. Sort of. "Skating to Ballet" felt a bit awkward to me and the new title kind of popped into my head while I was at work today. Let me know what you think :) So this was another ballet lesson week, as it has been for the last several weeks. Skate time + Summer = A crapshoot, timewise. Luckily as winter hits it'll be a lot better and I'll have significantly more free cash flow as the wedding costs taper off into non-existence. Yay <3

So I've had this instructor for the last couple lessons and I have to admit, I've learned SO much in such a little time. In fact, check this crap out:

Look at that. I never once thought in my life I could look even a semblance of graceful or decent. But I love this picture and what it shows. I've come a long way in a short time from slumpy, lazy and more or less depressed dude to a better all around fitness level, hobbies I love and as the picture doesn't show, happiness. It feels SO amazing to pull off even simple stuff like this and I do hope I can continue throughout the year. (It's looking good so far.)

Now, I guess you came here for the lesson details more than me gushing...huh? I won't go into CRAZY details this time around because as I've learned with dance, it's more repetition, repetition, repetition. So my lesson involved all the stuff we have practiced in the previous lessons with a few minor bits thrown in like foot position and correct weight placement. I had a tendency when in the above pose, to keep all my weight on my back foot and not keep it flat, soon as I made that! What a difference.

The other thing I never thought I'd hear. I have good arches in my feet apparently. That's the first time they've been a good thing because I HATE having to buy special shoes just for them. So there's that. A bit of a silver lining. Maybe I've secretly had dancers feet all along? Dun dun dun!

Moving right along. I do need to find a way to practice different things. I feel I'm not confident enough to do much on my own beyond basic stretching and strengthening. Someone whose video I commented on told me that:

"The biggest advice I can give you is to have fun, enjoy it, dance and don't worry about ballet terms. Listen to the music and dance, the teacher will look after you when you are in the studio. The body will get used to the movements and the repetition of doing them every week will make every step more familiar. Have fun,fun,fun! :)"

I think I'll take this to heart because this is why I got into Skating and Ballet. To find that sense of fun which I think I have. I've enjoyed myself so much every time that I almost can't get enough! When I first decided to give ballet a shot to improve my skating it proved such a tough time finding somewhere that'd give an adult a chance, especially in private lessons. I'll always be eternally thankful for Oxford School of Dance for giving me a shot. Hopefully it continues for many days to come.

So that's it for this weeks lesson entry! Hopefully it gave you a bit of information at least. The problem with repetition is that writing it can be difficult to make interesting every time.

Ciao for now!


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