Saturday, 3 June 2017

Why write? How I came into writing!

Hello readers!

Recently I got the idea of making an entry on here about why I write these blogs and where my writing began as well as why I enjoy it. It's actually a pretty curious set of circumstances that got me to where I am today. Admittedly, my writing started with both my love of books and WAY back when I first got into story writing/roleplaying online. Roleplaying for those of you that don't know is when two or more people write out individual characters to collaborate a story or series of events into existence. Many times this is done for a specific fandom (Books, Anime, Movies, Etc. etc.) But some places are freeform which allow for creative writing in any direction you want to go.

For me it was back when I got my first computer. At that point in time I'd spent many days scribbling out original stories on hundreds of pages in my school binders. It was who I was as a kid, always with my head in the clouds and a bit rambunctious. The internet however, gave way to a much more streamlined way to get my ideas out in the open. A quick google search of 'places to write' had me land on the doorstep of a site and room I still stay active in to this day. Tyran.

It's a freeform Role-play that has gone through as many owners as I have pairs of underwear. (Not really, but quite a few.) and while the place has changed over the years between locations its still much the same. It was this room that I discovered my passion for writing and through a group of amazing people I developed my writing. I went from simple writing with basic sentences to crafting stories full of lore and curiosity. I owe a lot of my writing and passion to that room and the people that occupy it.

When I think on it, Tyran is what made me truly love writing. How many people can say that they've crafted a world with words? OK...plenty. But there is something still magical about the imagination and the things it can produce. For me that's also the same with writing. Even these blogs. Putting my thoughts, feelings and emotions out there and forging them into something enjoyable is one of the best feelings in the world.

I've never put this in the open, but I also find that I've been able to put more of myself into my characters over the years. Tyran has provided me an outlet to put parts of me out there I may not normally have done so. I've lived, I've loved, I've explored. I've been a thief who found his place in the boughs of a creative goddess. I've been a dragon who discovered his past was that of royalty. I've had colossal battles on the sides of mountains and drawn magic from every inch of the land. I sometimes think I've lived more through my roleplays than I have other places.

But writing here in Tyran has also helped me to come out of my shell. Not just through writing but through the people. They know who they are. Ones who have talked me through some of my rougher days or just been there to chat. I'm thankful for that.

Writing has also seen me through plenty of good and bad times. For me writing has always been a good way to vent my feelings, my frustrations, my fears and my anxiety. An outlet for those of us who would make use of it. There has more than a few times I've spent my time writing these blogs in tears, angry or even just elated and happy. (The latter being easy to see in some of my better entries.) Writing is magical! I realize now that this was similar to my last paragraph. Oh well! I have vowed to never go back and edit an entry. Enjoy the repetition!

I also write to retain information. Especially when it comes to my experience and lesson entries. I have a fairly crummy memory sometimes and it was my previous horseback riding instructor who recommended writing a lesson journal. Or in this case, an experience blog. This is where my curiosity for this format began. It's not like regular writing, here I get to share my thoughts, my feelings and my experiences in hopes that it can inspire someone else to pursue their passions. I don't do this to make money or get views, but if I can inspire just one person. It's worth it.

This entry is a bit all over the place, but I just wanted to share how I came into writing and how it has helped me grow over the years! Hopefully you enjoyed the read.

Ciao for now!


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