Saturday, 21 January 2017

A long start


Welcome to my tiny little corner of the internet that Ive decided to dedicate my experiences getting back into figure skating to. It might not be interesting to anyone but me but I feel writing about my experience coukd be enjoyable as a bit of a time capsule I can look back on when and if I look back on it.

For those who dont know me, Im Sam. 25 years of age and looking to get back into a sport I did as a kid. Does that make this some sort of mid-life crisis? Jeeze. That makes me seem a bit lame. ha.

Moving right along from that sad moment. Ive spent the better part of the last month hammering out all the details. It has been made obvious to me that not many places do adult figure skating lessons or private lessons for that matter. From a few minutes away to an hour and a half I sent emails to skating clubs in most directions and it just so happens that my home town and current tosn of residence was one of only three to get back to me with any sort of program or availability. Surprising, but very convenient!

Its been a bit of a process. I had to make a few calls (Talking to new of my biggest anxiety related issues. Id rather email but they alwaya rather you call. Blah.) and then find a cosch with time and willingness to teach me. It took about a week but I think I landed someone with enough enthusiasm to make me confident in getting back into the sport. Hopefully we make a good team!

The last detail which I had to hammer out was skates. I havent owned a pair in a very long time (Unless you count rollerblades?) and finding a good place around here is apparently...difficult. But I scored a lovely pair at a used shop in a nearby town and got to meet another lady who is going to hook me up with a new pair if I find I really get into the sport again :) (Theyre expensive but worth it in the long run.) As you can see in the picture they are white, which isnt typical of guys. But I find I prefer them. White is cleaner and nicer looking in my opinion and as a kid I was always in used pairs that were always white. I dont think I ever owned a pair of black skates which is the norm. Oh well. Guess Ill be the odd man out. Haha.

So I kick things off in in a few weeks and Im a lot more excited than I thought I would be.

Thats about it for now!



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