Friday, 27 January 2017

Black or White?

Hello again!

That title came off as a lot worse than I intended. This is NOT a post about race or culture. I promise.

I touched base in an earlier entry on where I stand on black and white skates. A few people asked me why I have white skates as guys dont typically wear them. Its a fair question, and generally a remnant of when gender stereotypes were a bit stronger. Truth is, nobody HAS to wear the right color skates. Its just generally done that way.

For me, when I skated as a kid. I was almoat always in used skates and since the sport is generally dominated by women, white skates tended to be the easiest to get ahold of. Perhaps its because of that Im a bit more fond of them? But admittedly, I like the aesthetic appeal of white skates a bit better too. They've a cleaner appearance, they're a bit more striking snd y'know what? They're nicer. Simple as that.

Some might think its silly and some may even judge. But I like my white skates better than I like the black ones. leads to a few awkward conversations when getting skates and perhaps a few sidelong glances at the arena. But oh well.

There ya have it :)




  1. You can always get boot covers if this becomes an issue later on. Also, lots of skaters cover their boots with "designer" duct tape for artistic purposes. Some of the duct taped skates are brilliant while other attempts just look plain weird but to your own self be true.

    1. This is true! I did peek at a few varied boots covers and such but if I'm speaking honestly and as you say, true to myself. I actually really prefer white skates. They look cleaner, and are nicer in my opinion. Black is just so...blah.