Tuesday, 7 February 2017

2017 Skating Goals

Hello again!

So I'm trying to average a post either every day or every other day. I've been doing decent so far but with the theme of my blog that can be difficult. One can only write so much about your experiences and skating-related stuff so much in between sessions. It just so happens however that someone on a skating forum I joined suggested writing down my goals for the year. I'm not sure if they'll be realistic but if I achieve even one of them, I'll be happy:

2017 Skating Goals

- Well, the first and foremost goal is to get the basics down. Stops, Skating Forwards/Backwards, Switchbacks, Forward/Backward Crossovers, Skating on my edges properly and of course proper stroking techniques. This is what I see as the all-around basics in my mind. Everything to Segway into more advanced skills.

- Volunteer my time at the club that offered me a place. While this is not so much a goal as something I should do. But they were willing to give me a shot so it feels only right that I give them some of my free time helping out in whatever capacity I can!

- Find and work out a schedule of public skates/adult skates/open ice dates and times at nearby rinks. While my own offers a fair amount of public skates and ice times, they are not always available when I'm on my day shift. So being able to work out a skating/practice schedule based around my rotating shifts would be great!

- Be a skater in all the skating 'sessions' this year. As far as I understand there is the one that runs at the start of the winter until march/april and then one during the summer as well. My goal is to be an active skater within these and get as much ice time as I can.

- Build some solid relations with those around me and try to help get through my anxiety. This is both a skating related goal and a personal goal. I feel skating can do a lot for my anxiety because it forces me to be in a social setting. Hopefully I'm right :D

- Get in shape for skating. Again, this is both a skating and a personal goal. Getting in shape for skating is good, but getting in good all around shape is the overall goal. I'll have to figure out a good set of exercises beyond my current.

- If I find I really like skating at the end of this 'session' then invest in a good, solid pair of skates. While my used ones are nice, a properly fitted pair I imagine would likely be a lot nicer on my feet.

That's about it. That's a good set of goals I think for this year and I feel all of them are more or less obtainable in some respect. Do you think there are any other goals I could or should add to the list? Toss me a comment!

Ciao for now!


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