Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What do I love about skating?

Hello once more!

So Ive had a few friends in the world of skating ask what I love about skating and while I have touched base on this in a few previous pieces I have a more solid answer that I feel expresses how I feel about it a bit more.

I think for me that skating represents a few things and has a few reasons why I love it. First, it was really the first real sport I jumped into as a kid, I have the most fond memories of it out of all the sports I did and for me it has a certain nostalgic appeal for me.

Second, there is something about skating that just "clicks" with me. I cant stop smiling, I want to do more and for the thirty or more minutes my lesson or skate session lasts it feels like Im free and can forget about all lifes problems. There is something about that smooth glide as you go into a swing roll or that fluttery feeling in your stomach when you figure it out.

It just makes me happy. There is also something special in the grace, beauty and skill that goes into figure skating and like many...I hope I can skate half as good as a girl! Haha.

Ive never once sat at a sporting event and just enjoyed watching but during a recent test night when I was meeting up with a friend and her daughter as well as the president of the club I found myself happy and intrigued just sitting and watching. No phones. No distractions just me, the ice and the amazing skaters at the club. It was lovely and the first time Ive ever done that.

But like I said, its thirty minutes of freedom. Thirty minutes of living how I feel I should have. While I may never get anywhere with it, at least I enjoy it.

This is turning out to be a sappy post isnt it? Sorry.

In other news. My last lesson for two weeks is friday. Lame. I hate rotating shifts sometimes! Anyways, thats all for today folks!

Ciao for now!


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