Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Boring pants!


I realize now that I haven't even gotten onto the ice yet and I've thoroughly enjoyed writing in this blog. It's all been about skating and this entry isn't much different. But it's interesting what sort of things motivate you to write and enjoy doing so. I've always kind of been a writer at heart and I am almost always writing at least something. But never anything like this. Hopefully I can keep this up throughout my experience.

Just a quick entry today. I went and picked up a pair of men's figure skating pants the other day. I was going to use track pants but finding a pair with a decent fit was difficult. Me and my fiancĂ©e actually drove a fair distance to get them and while they are nice (And currently being tailored to the right leg length) I have to admit, I'm a touch jealous of the ladies. Maybe I just didn't see any alternative mens styles but seriously, look:

How much cooler are the ones of the left, versus the ones on the right? Is it too much to ask for something beyond boring black skating pants for men? Come on. Those are way cooler. Perhaps if things take off in a good way I will look into something a bit more unique.

Just a bit of a mini-rant there. Moving along.

So, after jumping through the many hoops things are fiiiiiinally getting somewhere. I got ahold of a club (Duh..), got all the necessary things done which surprisingly included a police background check. Which is because I'm around kids. Oh the joys of being an adult amongst children I guess? Not that it mattered. It came back clean. I've never so much as had a parking ticket before let alone criminal charges and I even found my old Skate Canada number. Which I was genuinely surprised still existed as the last time I skated as a registered skater was when I was a kid. Pretty neat.

It's curious getting back into something like this as an adult. Many people say you should forget about stuff like this as an adult. I disagree. Just because you're an adult, does that mean you can't enjoy hobbies such as this? Some of the worlds greats in many fields didn't get into what they succeeded at until they were older. I believe as more mature individuals we tend to have more passion behind as well. A drive to do better and to succeed. I'm not saying kids don't have it, but as adults I believe we understand what it means to be motivated about these things a bit more.

By next week I hope to have landed my first lesson which I imagine will be a fairly sizeable blog entry. I tend to like writing about my experiences so that I can later recap and work on my weaknesses and shortcomings. (Of which I'm sure there will be many. Roller skating does not translate so well to the ice. Even if I did used to skate.)

I realize now that I've been writing a bit longer than intended. This was actually meant to be a shorter entry. See what I mean? It's genuinely encouraging me to write. Yay me <3

Alas, it's nearly 2:30 Am and I do need to sleep. Gosh dangit, they need cooler pants for men.

Ciao for now!


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