Friday, 10 February 2017

Lesson #2: Only one wipe out!

Hello once again readers!

It's been a long, interesting week I have to admit. Between researching public skating sessions and chatting on various figure skating forums. It's been a very skate-filled week. Monday was my first lesson where it all began and it was a blast. It's filled me with a passion and excitement that makes me smile and be happy before and after the lesson. Though admittedly I've been more than a bit jittery/nervous leading up to my lessons.

I get the impression that I've chosen the right coach. She is really good at keeping me focused on the task at hand rather than those around me. It's definitely alleviated a bit of my anxiety. She also lets me chat her ear off, something I do with very few people. Haha. So then, it's been an absolute blast so far and while my skills are far from being anywhere remotely amazing, I know I'll be at least decent some day.

I've gotten into the habit of 'doing' rather than 'trying'. A friend once told me that to try is to fail. You must shoot to DO what you want, not try to. It's a great philosophy and when my coach asks me if I want to do something new. I say heck yes!

So then, our lessons consisted of more or less the same stuff as last time:

Skating Forwards: This is completely fine for me. I have no real issues going forward or doing basic skating. As far as I can tell. Though I do tend to 'lean over' a bit too much which you'll notice is a consistent issue across things we have been working on.

Stopping: Practice does make perfect. Every chance I get I go for a proper stop and with the advice of standing up straighter I have been increasing my abilities here. Slow stops are a bit more difficult but I can manage basic stops now. No wipe outs here this time! Not on this skill anyways...haha.

Bubbles: I'm sure it has a more professional name, but it's entertaining to call them this. I managed to pick up a bit more speed today with these. These seem to help build up the muscles as this is one of the exercises I get the most sore during.

Switchbacks: Mostly refinement here now. It's a lot easier if you keep your feet close together. Which makes sense. We did attempt single-footed ones but my skill level is definitely not remotely there yet. I'll get there at some day! ^_^

Skating on the outer/inner edges: There IS a name for the back and forth we did for these buuuuuut I can't remember it. I'll make sure to grab it next lesson from my coach. I'm definitely wobbly but I learned today to lean into whatever edge it is I'm skating on and it makes a big difference.

Skating Backwards: We didn't do much of this today. I asked to make it a bit of a focus for next times lesson. My backwards game is not at all up to snuff. Practice makes perfect to say the least.

Balance: My balance feels a little better this lesson. I was even able to go on one foot for a few different moves which made me smile to say the least!

Mohawks: While it took me a little bit to get the hang of them, these were interesting to try. They definitely make you feel out where your feet are and to balance on one foot/edge. I'm learning that while I am right handed, I seem more confident on my left foot. Funny how that works?

SO! All in all, it was absolutely excellent. Skating is filling me with a kind of elation I don't get often. As adults it's so hard for people to come by something that makes them truly happy. While it's only been two lessons, I definitely feel this is going to be one of those things. Something long term. I have a few things in my life that keep me this happy. My Fiancee, Horseback Riding and now Skating. I think I could stick with these the rest of my life and die happy.

Sorry...that was a bit morbid at the end.

Alas! This journal has grown long and I have grown tired. My next lesson is next Friday but since I've delved into the world of public skating I should have plenty of time to skate and write about it in between!

Ciao for now!


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